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When you think of ordering food the first thing that comes to your mind shouldn’t be “I hope they don’t mess with my food.”

But today, this thought is more common that most of us would like to admit.

And happens more often than we’d like to know!

About 9 months ago a customer ordered food for him and his wife via UberEATS, and being courteous to the driver, walked out front to meet them in hopes of saving them the trouble of walking to the apartment door.

On his way to meet the driver he saw something that was completely shocking and unexpected.

The UberEATS driver was shoveling one of his meals as fast as she could into her mouth.

Ketchup still lining the sides of her face.

I’m sure you can imagine the disgust and overall frustration he was feeling at this point.

But amazingly responded with a very understanding approach.

Let’s see what he had to say about it in his Reddit post:

His Story…

“She started apologizing right away and was clearly shaking and visibly scared, feta cheese crumbles and ketchup still lining the sides of her mouth. At first I tried to be understanding- everyone has a bad day… some lower than others… but regardless I was trying to be nice. I asked her if she ate out of one or both and she didn’t give me a straight answer just kept apologizing.

She offered to go to an atm to get cash to pay me back for the meal and gave me her phone so, “You know I’ll come back.” So since I had her phone I had to wait outside for 15 minutes while she went to get my money. I looked at the food, stacked in 2 boxes (Wife and I both got the sausage scramble) in the bag, and the box on top looked great, just as you’d expect your food to look. The one on the bottom though, clearly picked through! She tried to be sneaky and conceal her shadiness!

Done being nice…

She comes back, and is super sorry. I get the cash in hand and say, “Ya know, I looked at both boxes of food and the one on bottom is the one you picked through. Leads me to believe it’s not your first time with your hands in other people’s food.”
“Ya…. I need to stop doing these kind of things…”
“That’s f**ked up, you just need to think on that all day.”


Thank you SO much UberEATS

Unbelievable. Never again.”

The Comments Say It All

Clearly there is an issue with food tampering, and somehow this continues to remain unsolved. Efforts like bags lined with sticky tape and stickers have been implemented. But these still are missing the mark.

Some of the feedback from this story are from people just like us who not only are frustrated with the tampering issue, but borderline afraid to continue ordering to certain apps!

Below you can see some of these comments:

Food for thought:

Just think… if there was a seal on this food perhaps this girl’s days of eating other people’s food would be put to an end?

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