What are BobiBands?

Bobibands are tamper-evident seals or bands.

BobiBands will show evidence if the container was tampered with.

The patent pending design of precisely located pre-stress point slits and perforations along with superior adhesion meet the FDA’s CFT Title 21 for evidence of tampering.

Bobibands comes in two standard sizes:

3″ which perfect for pizza boxes and hinged containers.

11″ is perfect for drinks and larger containers.

Bobibands was engineered with function and safety in mind.

  • BobiBands can adhere to surfaces as cold as -65 degrees F and as hot as 165 degrees F and WET surfaces!
  • BobiBands is quick grabbing and holds in place as soon as it is placed on the container and continues to get stronger the longer it’s on.
  • Strategical pre-stress tear points create weak points that enhance the purpose of showing tampering.
  • BobiBands uses a sturdy Gage face sheet resistant tearing easily.
  • Intentional perforations allow your customers to easily remove BobiBands.

Performs exceptionally well on hot, cold, & wet surfaces.

  • Ultra-high tack formulation to provide instant adhesion to the widest varieties of food and drink container substrates.
  • The band material is flexible enough to conform to the shape or angle of your box, cup, or clam shell.
  • Our 3” band we use a 3” core and roll the bands horizontally so every band is usable to the last one without curling or cupping.
  • Our 11″ band has crosscut perforations to prevent a driver from slipping a straw in for a sip but allows for your customer to insert a straw without removing the band if they choose.

Learn About Customization

Brand BobiBands with your Logo and message for your customer!

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