Our worst nightmares have been realized.

Food delivery drivers really do touch your food!

And in this case, use their own hands to take toppings off a pizza, lick their fingers, and go back for… eighths?

Lately the subject of food delivery safety has been on the rise with more and more stories coming out from customers saying their food “didn’t look quite right” or “my drink was not full” – insinuating the driver is helping him or herself to some light snacking on the road.

This video posted by CNN in 2013 has us running for the hills! Or more fittingly, running from our delivery apps!

Here we see a delivery man in an elevator preparing to hand over someone’s anticipated dinner, only witnessing him do something we all have thought about and have hoped we never become the victim of “the hungry delivery man”.

This time, he decides this particular pizza looks too good to resist and helps himself to a few samples.

What’s worse is he licks his fingers, goes back for more, and continues to repeat this process many times over – covering the pizza in his saliva.

Don’t worry, this guy isn’t the only one enjoying a nice snack at the expense of other people’s food.

News.com.au shared an article only a few days ago revealing some pretty interesting information from the delivery drivers own mouths.

“I think on the way to my house, he helped himself to a chip,” Mr Mander said on his national radio show Collective Noun.

This was the spark that lite the flame, causing floods of callers to report their own deviant actions while they were delivering food.

Natasha said she delivered pizzas for Domino’s and would often snack on orders on the way.

“Every time I went for a delivery, I took bits of toppings off people’s pizzas,” she said.

“I also took at least one of their chocolate brownies, so they didn’t know. I once took someone’s churros and it fell out when I gave it to them because I didn’t close the box up properly. We pretty much all did it.”

According to Statista.com, the food delivery industry generates over $20 Billion annually, and expected to grow at a rate of 9.7% each year. That’s a whopping $29 Billion annual revenue projection by 2022.

Barry, who works for a major delivery service, said “it’s done all the time” and he so regularly sneaks food that he has figured out how chains rank on the chip front.

“Nando’s have the best chips,” he declared.

The show heard from restaurants that tampering with food has become so common that they have taken to stapling closed paper bags.

“Maccas is a little bit harder because they double bag their orders,” Barry said. “They do leave the straw in the frappés though.”

When asked if he had sipped on someone’s drink, he replied: “ yeah!”

My opinion, if the media continues to be an outlet for food horror stories there might not be much a future for some of these food delivery apps. All we know is something has to change, and it needs to happen now!

After all, none of us want to give up the convenience of enjoying a meal from our favorite restaurant delivered straight to our doorstep, right?

If you feel the same way as we do and demand these delivery companies take action against these drivers with “sticky fingers”, then please leave a comment below!

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