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You finally get a night out at one of your favorite restaurants and are dying to order your favorite dish. Finally, you see the server walk up to your table delivering your fresh meal right from the kitchen… when you realize there is something off about your order. Do you send it back? If you’re like me, and thousands of other restaurant-goers, I’m sure thoughts of “should I, shouldn’t I” start running through your mind because we’ve all heard those stories about food that gets sent back.

Did you know that about 6% of restaurant workers will tamper with your food or drink? In what’s supposed to be a “clean” area, we as consumers have to question our food and if only the correct ingredients have been added… or if we’ve been given a little extra flavor (if you know what I mean).  Think about this, if 6% of restaurant employees will tamper with your food in an environment with cameras, managers, and witnesses, what do you think the odds are of a delivery driver (in his own car, no supervision or cameras) tampering with your food?

Here are some pretty disturbing stories from people who work in the restaurant industry and what they’ve seen happen.

“I had a coworker of mine that told me a story about a customer that was being rude and really pissing him off. When the customer asked for his next refill, my coworker gladly took his drink to the back, refilled it, went in the walk-in, whipped out his man part, swirled it around in the drink and happily server the drink back to the customer. He watched him suck down every last sip. 
I know I’ve heard of other examples but they all come from times when a customer was being unreasonably rude, so the moral of the story is don’t be a rude customer.”

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