3″ BobiBands 1000 ctn. roll

3" Tamper-Evident BobiBands, 1 roll 1000 seals



3″ BobiBands BB03856-s 1 roll of 1000 seals

BobiBands Tamper-Evident Seals are ideal for takeout and to-go containers. These seals are made of biodegradable paper, are FDA non-toxic approved and made in the USA. Engineered for safety and are designed to show when a container has been opened or an attempt was made to remove the seal. They are easy for the customer to break off when they receive their food, this seal will provide peace of mind with food safety and increase reorder rate. BobiBands can be used on a wide variety of containers. BobiBands can also be used on damp, dry, hot, or cold containers. Ideal temperature usage is from -65°F to 160°F (-54°C to 71°C).

3″ Bobibands are perfect for pizza boxes, bags and containers with hinged sides. Product case of 1 roll of 1000.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in


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