It was on a cool summer day when the idea of tamper-evident BobiBands came to us, zoom bang boom! 

Well not really, we are a group of family members that came together, bring our individual talents and experiences to build, engineer and design what is now BobiBands.


But mostly we are passionate about spreading the word that BobiBands is the answer to the food safety issues plaguing our food delivery system.

BobiBands wasn’t always the cool slick design it is today.  It has taken painstaking trial and error to bring to you what BobiBands is today. We have gone through years of testing paper, testing adhesives finding the right printer and inks. We’ve printed off thousands and tested and tested again before we even went into our 1st official restaurant test.  Then we took what we learned, made improvements and once satisfied that we had done all we could do we rolled out BobiBands. 

Of course, we will never stop making improvements and designs that may fit different industries but what we can proudly say is…

Bobibands does exactly what is was designed to do – show evidence of tampering.