Cocktails to-go

Cocktails to go… will it save the Restaurant Industry?

It’s tough being a restaurant owner these days. With restrictions often changing day to day. You’re working hard to support and protect your staff and give them reassurances. You’re going above and beyond to prove to your customers that you are protecting them. How do you plan and budget for the future when the future is unknown?

Some hard facts to face are the numerous independent restaurants that could permanently be closing some estimate as much as 85% and with some of the big franchises permanently closing locations you must wonder how could anyone survive?

Take-out and delivery have been growing steadily before Covid-19 and now they have become “essential” in our daily life with 92% now off-premises. But with in-dining compacity at 25-50% even with increases in delivery, restaurants are still struggling. How a restaurant approaches take-out will make the difference between surviving and closing. Restaurants that put in place a well thought out take-out plan will benefit from a higher perceived value and reorder rate. Often the best solution is a specially designed takeout menu that ensures the food travels well and with deliberate choices of to-go containers that work to enhance your takeout menu and ensures the quality of the food remains intact and visually appealing. Including enhanced food safety in the form of tamper-evident seals that build confidence with your customers and protect your brand.

One additional way to build revenue is cocktails-to-go. Many states have temporarily allowed delivery of cocktails and some are considering making it permanent.


Jon Taffer of The Bar Rescue in a recent article in stated that:  

“While the entire hospitality industry is suffering, bars have been hit particularly hard. They make roughly 70% of their revenue in about 16 hours a week. Think: Friday and Saturday night and Sunday football.

And since cocktails garner nearly twice the profit that food does, to-go cocktails help support restaurants as well.

Finally, regulators and lawmakers should trust bars and restaurants to responsibly offer cocktails-to-go. Signature cocktails are part of a restaurant or bar’s personality and flair. We’re simply asking to make our artistry and mixology portable, just like we do with food.

Bars and restaurants could keep this new offering safe by religiously checking IDs, branding to-go cups for accountability, and putting seals on cups to make sure drinks aren’t tampered with. In fact, to-go cocktails could actually increase alcohol safety by promoting home consumption.”




We’re with Jon here and wanting to support restaurants any way we can. So, if you think cocktails-to-go is something to get behind please contact your county commissioners, state legislators and the liquor board and ask them to make cocktails-to-go permanent.

If you would like more information on how to seal your cocktails-to-go with the most permanent and functional seals BobiBands; Please contact us at  We proudly meet the FDA’s CFT title 21 for evidence of tampering.

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