When He Ordered UberEATS He Couldn’t Believe What He Saw.

When you think of ordering food the first thing that comes to your mind shouldn’t be “I hope they don’t mess with my food.” But today, this thought is more common that most of us would like to admit. And happens more often than we’d like to know! About 9 months ago a customer ordered […]

This Gives A Whole New Meaning To “Hold The Toppings”

Our worst nightmares have been realized. Food delivery drivers really do touch your food! And in this case, use their own hands to take toppings off a pizza, lick their fingers, and go back for… eighths? Lately the subject of food delivery safety has been on the rise with more and more stories coming out […]

The Coronavirus Isn’t Going Anywhere, Anytime Soon.

By: Daniel Phelps While many restaurateurs suffer through another agonizing week of shelter-at-home orders, state and local governments are engaging in a polemical debate about when and how to open the economy. States such as Florida, Arizona and Mississippi are taking steps to end social distancing guidelines and reopen businesses as academic models forecast a […]