Tamper-Evident Seals

For Food Delivery & Pharmacy Delivery

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Our patent-pending design was crafted to be durable, but also fragile enough to show signs of tampering.


BobiBands are made from recyclable paper material to help reduce waste and fight against global warming. The adhesive is non-toxic and complies with FDA and CONEG regulations.


Enjoy a night in and order out! BobiBands has your back (and your food). Proudly Made In America.

Can You Tell What Is Wrong With These Deliveries?

(hint: they aren’t sealed with BobiBands)

How BobiBands Works


We’ve tested our band on multiple product types including plastic, styrofoam, wax cups, cardboard, and paper. BobiBands can adhere to these containers damp (condensation) or dry, hot or cold.


BobiBands are made from bio-degradable paper in an effort to reduce waste causing climate change. Paired with a FDA approved adhesive, the BobiBand is made in a HACCP, ISO, and CONEG certified facility.


BobiBands works on food and beverages ranging from ice cold drinks and ice cream to piping hot coffee or a hot meal. Ideal temperatures range from -65 degrees F to 160 degrees F (-54 degrees C to 71 degrees C).


Not much gets past BobiBands. Our patent-pending design has been engineered in a way that is nearly impossible to remove by showing signs of someone attemping to break or remove the band.

Examples of BobiBands In Action!

Our unique design can be applied to virtually all types of to-go food containers

Here’s What People Are Saying About BobiBands


Have you ever NOT ordered delivery due to your concern of the driver tampering with your food/drink?

“Yes, I have thought of others tampering with my food”

“Yes, I don’t trust the drivers”

“Hadn’t thought about it before, but now that you mention it…”

“Hooo, yuck, ya!”

What things, if any, would you change about BobiBands?

“I would not change anything, I love the product”

“Can’t think of anything. Seems like a great product!”

“Nothing, BobiBand has helped me tremendously”

What do you love about BobiBands?

Here are our Top 3 most popular answers:

“I love the perforations that easily tell me if someone tried to remove the band!”

“I love the universal “watch-like” design to fit virtually all containers!”

“I love that my food/drinks are secure!”

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